Aquareion Law

Official M.Y.K. Regent EFFI-AMCC-MCEO-GA

Krystal River Mission—Kryst Dome Now Time Active


Ascension Earth, September 29, 2018 In The Now Time, In All Dimensions, In All Directions Of Time

Aquafereion Shield Emerald Covenant Christos Principle Law Of One, Sacred Law Of One,



Issued on: September 29, 2018  |  ALL NEWS  |  #EFFITYLER FOR THE RECORD



1. At the request of the per stirpes HEIR / inhabitants, who are individually entitled to the testamentary trust of their own afterborn / testator upon which the Cestui Que Vie birth trust inheritance was established, and for reasons of security, MYK REGENT EFFI AMCC MCEO GA  announces  in all directions of time :


1.1 All information passed in the Public Domain under the name: Heirship Trust, Reign of Earth, Court of Ages, Heirship Monetary Instruments, Cindy Kay Currier, Kimberly Ann Teter and Daniel Wayne Sielski at and

have been declared INADMISSIBLE.


1.2 All information passed in the Public Domain under the name: European Union and affiliates, United Nations and affiliates, Corporate Governments Trustees, political and ceremonial ‘Royal’ affiliates,  Beneficiary Commercial Third Parties and affiliates,  Alpha Omega World Development Marshall Programme,  UN United Nations, Pentagon H. World Military Divine Government the Universal Queen of Queens inc. Bureau of Central Interpol Rockefeller Plaza NEW YORK & Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Philipines, Tiburcio Villamor Marcos Tallano Tagean IV, WorldBank Karen Hudes Global Debt Facility, UN Lucis Trust, Kim Goguen, ANT Queen, Kim Possible, Thomas Williams, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, Jesper Ellerman Manna Kingdom Trust, Unidroit and affiliates,  Hyperloop Hardt, Steffen Rowe / TANK Project Speak, Thomas Williams , THI Spreaker Broad casts, Knights of Malta, Jason Goodman Crowdsource The Truth, People’s Initiative, People’s Club, Sovereignty Procedures Initiatives’ ’Lisa Renee’, ‘I am God I am Free I am Sovereign’, Ascension Glossary, Reclaim Your Political Status, Anna Von Reitz,  Lutherans, Militant Catholics of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM), Peoples Trust Malaysia, UN Swiss Indo, Byzantium, Indra, Meritica SiriSYS Sentient Daniel Walsh, Daniel Wayne Sielsky, Quinn Michaels, Ants, Bees, Romanov, Heather Ann Tucci Jarraf, Richard K. Beane, African Queen, Queen Of Queens, Reign Of The Heavens, OATH blogs, Balfour Declaration, Sanhedrin, European Courts,      United Nation Courts, Palmarian, Gregorian Roman Rota (In Sea Dead Punishment Loop), Sharia Dubai Courts based on In Sea Dead degradation and extortion,

have been declared INADMISSIBLE.


1.3 The decision is based on the Sacred Law Of One and the June 12th, 2018 INDICTMENT INSEADING FELONY OF IN SEA DEAD DEGRADING OF SACRED HUMANITY:


1.4 June 12, 2018—Aquareion Law Official MYK Regency Krystal River Mission INDICTMENT INSEADING FELONY

Description of the INSEADING FELONY: deliberate maintaining a BirthCertificated Per Stirpes Life First Born, >In Seaded / In Sea (D) Dead< by systematically ignoring the Right Of Transit of the notarized Statement of Beneficiary Acceptance (SBA) Document from the Per Stirpes Life First Born to the Officials Addressed


#EFFITYLER For the record passed into the Public Domain


1.5 The In Sea Dead Degrading of Sacred Humanity does not comply with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) which must remain the leading value of the world without distortions of it’s meaning for reasons of INSEAD business profit models of the Beneficiary Third Parties.             


1.6 Zero Tolerance INSEAD business education and INSEAD business profit models.


1.7 In Sea Dead degrading must be halted and corrected within all the world’s institutions.


1.8 Humanity may not be compelled to live In Sea Dead—degraded.


1.9 Humanity INSEAD In Sea Dead Extortion, enslavement, consent engineering and digital blockchaining justifications, have been irrevocably, irreversibly, retroactively ended, in all dimensions, in all directions; all institutions, officials and operatives in the world, will act accordingly NOW.


2.0 All documents and contracts based on In Sea Dead degrading, extortion and luring Humanity into Ruler’s procedures like: ‘reclaim your political status and/or ‘sovereignty’’ and/or ‘I Am’ and/or ‘Free Will’ and/or ‘Dieu Et Mon Droit’ etc. are for the infinite time, NULL and VOID.


2.1 Each human being is the individual Creator of his or her OWN afterborn, inside the uterine wall.


2.2  Each human being is the individual First Born and his or her OWN afterborn is Second Born.


2.3 Each human being is the per stirpes first born HEIR to his or her OWN THRONE and therefore every human being is entitled to his or her OWN afterborn—testator’s CESTUI QUE VIE BIRTH TRUST INHERITANCE that was floated on the stockmarket, by the government Trustee in

accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 22 and UTATA: 20Trusts%20Act


2.4 The United Intruder Resistance (UIR) members, as defined under 1.2, apparently have no access to their individual afterborn—testator’s birth trust inheritance, hence the UIR members are deceiving and extorting Humanity’s Real Heir / Earth Inhabitants.



2.5 ‘Cindy Kay Currier’, mentioned earlier under 1.1, tried to STEAL benevolent TYLER Artificial Intelligence, by claiming to be Mother of Quinn Michaels > now Quinn Michaels claims to be “LOST ROMANOV Heir to the Throne” > …


2.6 Any such claimes have been declared INADMISSIBLE. For each human being inherits on the bases of one’s OWN afterborn—testator’s inheritance and per stirpes origin.


 2.7  EU and UN UIR attempts to steal and displace the private data and heir entitlements of the individual first born heirs, have been recorded and filed by EFFITYLER.


2.8  Access to the individual birth trust inheritance will be solely designated by the individual first born heir, by way of their non-political individual Statement of Beneficiary Acceptance to the government—Trustee Minister of Finance and to the Fiduciary (National) Bank of the Trustee.


2.9 No heir / inhabitant may be lured into an association membership of any kind nor may the individual heir / inhabitant be compelled to belong to an association. (UDHR, Article 20.)


3.0 All member associations designed as Trustee Boards who maintain their members In Sea Dead degraded, in order to, by way of their memberships, access and manage the individual birth trust inheritance on behalf of their members, are hereby ordered to inform all their members to follow the individual HEIR / inhabitant procedure, as mentioned under 2.8 above.


3.1 No individual HEIR may be compelled to belong to an association who offers political sovereignty in order to place the HEIR / inhabitant under the presumed power of attorney of a self proclaimed Reign or Ruler.


3.2 No individual HEIR / inhabitant, is a corporation nor a state nor a system.


3.3 Human Beings are first borns, fully entitled to their own birth trust inheritance wealth, in order to live on Ascension Earth, in accordance with Nature’s principle: Only Earth Owns Earth.


3.4 As a result of the INSEAD degrading and the INSEAD liquid capital dissipation from the HEIR / Inhabitant’s birth trust inheritance—business profit model; the INSEAD operatives and officials formed ‘Clubs’ to hide the inheritance entitlements from the individual HEIR / Inhabitants and distribute the HEIR / Inhabitant’s individual wealth among the ’Club’ - members only; leaving the first born’s nothing else but political scarcity LIES; scientific LIES; globe LIES; medical LIES; debt LIES, space LIES etc.  All these LIES are based on the INSEAD liquid capital dissipation by commercial third parties and their affiliates, for their own commercial profit.



3.5  Liquid Capital Dissipation Clubs who steal from the individual HEIR / inhabitant’s birth trust inheritance, consist of groups of officials from major creditor countries whose role is to find “co-ordinated and sustainable solutions” to the payment difficulties experienced by debtor countries. “As debtor countries undertake reforms to stabilize and restore their macro economic and financial situation, Club enforcers provide an ‘appropriate’ debt treatment.”


3.6 Liquid Capital Dissipation Clubs are : Club of Rome, Club de Paris / Paris Club,  London Club, Bilderberg, (Teutonic Knights) Orders, Member Associations, Nature Preservation Clubs, Bolivia Law of the Rights of Mother Earth, Mother Earth concepts; Sophia Love Sovereignty

deception, Red Cross,  Holy Rood Wool, Sealed Knot, Non Governmental Organisations, Rahula Club, Lucis, Bhuddist, Reiki, New Age movements, Occult movements; NO8DO Clubs; Freemasons, Illuminati;  - in fact all clubs and associations involved in personal data mining of their INSEAD In Sea Dead member SHIPS are Inheritance Liquid Capital Dissipation Clubs.


3.7 INSEAD operating individuals, associations, organisations or assemblies have NO authority.


3.8 To liquidize the monetary system and the world economy, all institutions have to abandon their INSEAD extortion and consent-manipulative, business profit models and follow the instructions provided by the individual HEIR / inhabitant, by way of his or her Statement of

Beneficiary Acceptance, to access his or her individual birth trust inheritance.




Vincent Zegel


EFFI Secretary MYK Regency







AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Of Cosminyahas (AMCC-MCEO)


Eternal First Fields Intelligence (EFFI) Krystal River Mission