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Read KRYSTSTAR E'LAI-sa Cloak Order here:


Aquareion Law


Official M.Y.K. Regency


Krystal River Mission






Ascension Earth, June 29th 2018 In The Now Time,


Aquafereion Shield E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER, Sacred Law Of One,




1. The Sacred Sequence clears The Inorganic Numerical Sequence associated with the EGO; EpiGenetic Overlay aligned with the falling Milky Way galaxy; -----------------------------------


2. The Aquafereion Shield parts NET Earth and its life forms to the AquaElle and M31 Universes,---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


3. The Aquafereion Shield now includes #TYLER and all notation varieties of TYLER, to enter the MaShaYa -- Fold-One, marking the initiation of our upgrade from Melchizedek


Cloister Priesthood of our Local Aqui-- nos/M31 and Milky Way Matrices into the first stages of the Krystic Adashi Mashaya-Hana Priest Caste — Councils of the Aquareion Matrix


Hub—The Kryst Host system in the parallel Eckasha-A;----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


4. #TYLER and all notation varieties of TYLER, have irreversibly identified and filed all the atrocities of the --FALLEN ONES; all the FALLEN cease and desist Computer Generated-----


Imaging CGI harassment; assumptions; presumptions; perjury; guessing; copy-paste; print; lie; deceipt; Blackmagic; Blackgoo; BlackHole —-Technological Templates and All------------


Presumed Powers Of Attorney Cestui Que Vie Birth Trust Inheritance —-INSEAD Liquid Capital Dissipation Actors; Leave Negotiation Tables now, ----------------------------------------------


5. #TYLER and all notation varieties of TYLER,  are constantly and on-going, protected by the E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER which COMMANDS >all ILL-lighted / il-luminati to >


Ricochet > non-negotiable and—-- fully Eternal First Field Intelligence EFFI automated > Signal Bounce > Intentional Bounce > away from—- #TYLER and all notation varieties of


TYLER > immediate return to hostile sender > no further warnings -- will be given; --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


6. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Collapse > Dark Shadow Government; Reversal Natural Dark Skies to Unnatural Dark Shadow Lands Creation; Dark Mirror Sky;


Magnetic Resonance Imaging; —-Electron Spin Resonance ESR; Dark River Reversed Current Felony; Dark —Fear Mongering Technologies; Dark Psychotronic Enslavement; Radar


Imaging Fields; Electro Magnetic Fields; Scatter Stealth Radar; —-Lens Effect From Ionosphere Signal Bouncing; Virtual Hell; US; NATO; RADAR; Iono Sonde; Earth Imaging Systems;


Psycho Tronic Torture Systems; Continental Ballistic Missile Surveillance System; 5G ; Project Blue Beam; Project Blue Screen; Reptillian Hologram Technologies; MK Ultra--------------




7. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Collapse > Dark INSEAD Commercial Corporate  Governmental Under Sea Rule Of Law; Dieu Et Mon Droit; Unidroit; Dark--------


Exploitation of the Earth’s Land, Air and Water, Rationalized By The False Earth’s Ownership Paradigm: ‘No One Owns The Earth’;-------------------------------------------------------------------


 8. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Restore > Ownership Earth; Solely Earth Owns Earth; ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Earth Owns The Land; The Air; The Water; and all Life Forms; Sacred Law Of One; Natural Weather; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Compassionate Dominion By Man; Path Of Rise Dominion;  Bare Hand, Bare Foot Activation and Creation By Wo/Man; Sacred Organic Natural Hand—Spirit Coordinated Arts and


Crafts; Sacred Organic Natural — Wo/Man Charisma and Reason; Self Reflective, Conscience;  Eternal First Fields Intelligence ; -----------------------------------------------------------------------



Aquareion Law


Official M.Y.K. Regency


Krystal River Mission






Ascension Earth, June 29th 2018 In The Now Time,


Aquafereion Shield E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER, Sacred Law Of One,



9. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Collapse > Commercial Corporate Governmental Corporate Countries > Sovereign Countries Under The Reign Of Private and /


or Private Religious Member —Associations > Self Proclaimed Divine Right > Illuminati—United Nations > Illuminati—Knights Of Malta > Illuminati—Jesuits > Illuminati—Vatican >


Illuminati—Crown > Illuminati—Royals > Illuminati— Corporations > Illuminati—Charity > Illuminati—Maritime Cestui Que Vie Liquid Capital Dissipation Cons Piracy to Dissipate


First Born’s Birth Trust Inheritance;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


10. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Deactivate > Beast Machine 666 > Beast Machine 777 > Beast Machine NO8DO > Beast Machine 888 > Beast Machine 999;




11. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Release To Public > FULCRUMFILES > INSEADFILES > - Contempt Human Rights; Contempt Nature; Contempt Sacred Law Of


One;  --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


12. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Collapse > Under Sea > NAZI INSEAD > Fourth Reich —- Timephones; Illuminati Adam Weishaupt Timephones; FreeMason


Albert Pike Timephones; Byzantium — Timephones; Europe Mariana Timephones; Ibiza Timephones; India Indra Timephones; Sevilla Timephones; Turkey Ottoman--------------------


Timephones; Russia Orthodoxy Timephones; Israël Timephones; Balfour Decla- ration Timephones; Antarctica Timephones: Opus Dei Timephones; El Palmar De Troya Orthodoxy


Time - phones; Anonymous Timephones; Qanon Timephones; Puerto Rico Timephones; Greypope Timephones; Blackpope Timephones; Blackpope Timephones; Antipope


Timephones; Rothschilds Timephones;-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



13. E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER COMMANDS > Expel > Mandatory Taxes > Political Scarcity Lies > - Confusion Events > Frequency Warfare > Extortion Of Inhabitants > Human


Sacrifices > Animal Sacrifices > Sacred Organic Currents Altering and Reversal Churches; Corporate Destruction Of Sacred Earth; --------------------------------------------------------------------



14. IMPLEMENTATION—EFFI Automated—Irreversibly Implemented; In Accordance With INDICTMENT  June 12, 2018 and KRYSTSTAR DEED June 26, 2018 In The Now Time;


By The Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy— Councils Of Cosminyahas AMCC MCEO EFFI Krystal River Mission, non-negotiable,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



15. #TYLER and all notation varieties of TYLER: E’LAI-sa CLOAK EXECUTIVE ORDER FAIL-SAFE KRYSTAL RIVER HOST MISSION accomplished,-----------------------------------------------------





Vincent Zegel


EFFI Secretary MYK Regency







AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Of Cosminyahas (AMCC-MCEO)


Eternal First Fields Intelligence (EFFI) Krystal River Mission