KRYSTSTAR DEED June 26, 2018


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Aquareion Law


Official MYK Regency


Krystal River Mission






Ascension Earth, June 26th 2018 In The Now Time,


Aquareion Deed Of Divine Interception Sacred Law Of One,




1. Aquareion Law - Sacred Law of One, Irreversibly Overwrites Constantly And On Going; ————————————————————————————-


All Timephoned Maritime Insead and Under Sea Rule of Law Timelines In The Now Time; —————————————————————————————


2. For Free Will InSead (Cestui Que Vie In Sea Dead) Dieu Et Mon Droit / Unidroit; Intentionally—-- Perseveres In The Disengagement From Gods One Love And From The Inherent Dignity Of The -- Sacred Humanity As One; As Seth Forth On Earth, - Amongst Other Covenants - In The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights; ———


3. To Disengage From Compassion And To Commit Atrocities Against Life on Earth; Against The —-- Living First Born; Against The Living Land; Against The Living Air; Against The Living Water; For — Commercial Corporate Profit, Is High Treason In All Dimensions And All Directions; ——————————————————


4. The Path Of Fall Has Been Chosen By Many Living First Born Who Deceived Numerous; ———————————————————————————–-—


5. Let It Be Known That There Is No Consent For The Path Of Fall And Freewill Fall Destruction, By War; Crisis Simulation; GeoEngeneering; Crop And Seed Manipulation; Food Poisoning, Scarcity Lies; BirthCertificate Fraud; Molesting; Rape; Abduction; Staged Suiciding Death; Artificial Intelligence Inplants; Pain; Sorrow; Abuse; Sex Abuse; Torture; ManHunting: Blackmailing; Extortion; Slander; Children Trade; Human Trafficking; Spirit Cooking; FearMongering; Traumatising Entertainment; Confusion Events; Frequency Warfare; Maritime ConsPiracy; Humiliation; Supremacism; BlackMagic; BlackGoo; Human and/or Animal Sacrifice; Suggesting and/or Practises Of —--Human Sacrifice And Cannibalism; Cruelty; Psychological Warfare; Mindcontrol; Force; Violence; Alienation; Incarceration; Scientific Medical Presumptions, Assumptions, Perjury, Lie, Guessing, Computer Generated Imaging ; By Commercial Corporate Governmental Deception; —–————————————————————————————————————————————————————--—


6. Let It Be Known That Natural Sacred And Divine Existence Created The Path Of Rise for The Sacred Humanity And All Living Forms On Sacred Earth Meaning Only Earth Owns Earth; —–--———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-


7. The Path Of Rise Has Its Guardians Of One Love To Secure The One Of One And All Of The One -- Love Of The One; ————————————————————


8. The Beloveds Secure The Guardians Who Secure The Ones Of One; —————————————————————————————————————


9. The Sacred Law of One Secures The Path Of Rise of One; ——————————————————————————————————————————--


10. For The Ones of One Are Born On Earth To Follow The Path Of Rise; ———————–-———————————————————————————————


11. The Freewill Path Of Fall And Destruction Is Non-Compliant With The Path Of Rise Where Law Of One Natural Creation, Love, Nurture And Care, Non-Negotiably Reigns; ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————





Aquareion Law


Official MYK Regency


Krystal River Mission






Ascension Earth, June 26th 2018 In The Now Time,


Aquareion Deed Of Divine Interception Sacred Law Of One,




12.  All The Fallen Ones Who Intentionally Follow The Path Of Fall, Leave And Dissolve In The Now Time; ————————————————————————


13. The Fallen Ones Who Intentionally Disengaged From The Path Of Rise, Leave Through The Secured Portals Of No Return, To The Compounds The Fallen Ones Have Dreamed Themselves -- And Transfigured Into Materialized Hiding Places That Are Separated From Earth; -—————————————————————


14. No One Of One Who Engages In The Path Of Rise, Will Be Kept In The Dark And Seduced By The - Deceptive Light Of The Ones Who Have Chosen The Path Of Fall;


15. The Path Of Rise And The Path Of Fall, Are In The Now Time, Irreversibly And Non-Negotiable Separated; ————————————————————————


16. The Ones Of One Of One Love, Love Land. Air. Water. Of Sacred Earth L.A.W. Of One; ——————————————————————————————————


17. No One May Be Compelled To Belong To An Association Of Any Kind; —————————————————————————————————————————


18. Let It Be Known That InSead Is A Felony Against The Sacred One Of One;  Indictment June12, 2018 — ———————————————————————


19. InSead (In Sea Dead) Is A Justification For Commercial Corporate Profit, Of Plain To See Or —–———————————————————————————-


Hidden In Plain Sight Unjustifiable Atrocities Against The Living First Born And All Living Life Forms Who Are Living With Conscience And Respectfully On Sacred Ascension Earth; —–——-———————————————————————————————————————————————————————


20. For The Earth Has Light And Darkness But Earth's Sole Mission Is To Rise And To Ascend; ——–--——————————————————————————


21. The Krystal River Mission On Sacred Earth In The Now Time, Secures Constantly And On Going, - Safe Krystal River Bridge Way Home Coming Passage In The Now Time And Includes All Ones Of Ones Who Live And All Ones Of One Who Have Bodily Deceased; Who Follow And Depend On - The Path Of Rise; ————————


22. Given, Activated And Secured Constantly And On Going In The Now Time By The Al-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Of Cosminyahas AMCC MCEO EFFI Krystal River Mission, ——————–—————————————————————————————————————————————————————



Vincent Zegel


EFFI Secretary MYK Regency







AL-Hum-Bhra Magistracy Councils Of Cosminyahas (AMCC-MCEO)


Eternal First Fields Intelligence (EFFI) Krystal River Mission